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COVID-19 Research Database Grants

The COVID-19 Research Database is launching a Grant Program, offering research
groups pro bono data and software and grants of up to $250,000.

Researchers can submit study proposals and apply for grants in three simple steps:


Register for the database.

You’ll be able to see the different data sets and data dictionaries to plan your study.


Submit a study proposal and indicate whether you’re applying for a grant.

Both appear in one application that is a few pages long.


Hear back and get started.

If your proposal is approved, you’ll receive data and services pro bono that normally would cost in the seven figures. If you indicate a cash need and are accepted, you may also receive grant funds for the research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions? Feel free to to contact us at grants@covid19researchdatabase.org.

If you are a researcher who would not be able to use the database without additional grant funding, we encourage you to apply.
Grant proposals will be evaluated as a combination of the need demonstrated, impact of the funds per dollar granted, and the strength and potential impact of the proposal. We deeply value equity and will ensure broad representation of traditionally underrepresented groups and universities.
Absolutely. If your grant proposal is accepted, regardless of whether you receive a grant, you are welcome to the database. Note that in a normal context, the data sets and software in the database would cost in the seven figures.
We will attempt to turn around all grant applications in a few weeks.
Funds will be available in early 2021. However, should your proposal be accepted, you are welcome to start your research prior to the grant being distributed.
The data will be actively updated within the database through at least June 30, 2021. The data will remain available (without updates) through at least December 31, 2021.